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VP-1 Marauder


1 more until 50!

Who is going to be the 50th supporter? Please keep the supported and follows coming! Thank you to everyone who has supported so far!


New project

This is the Marauder's sister ship: the Sabre. Please check it out, here is the link: Thank you to everybody for your support! Please keep the support and follows coming!




6 more until 50!

We need 6 supports to get to 50! Please keep the support coming! Thank you to those you have already supported.


Marauder Variation

Here's the Marauder in black and light gray. Let me know what you think.


Minifigure Update

Thank you to everyone who supported this project, in 2 days we got 19 supports. 

This is what the space guy looks like when is walking around the spaceport.


This is what he looks like when he is off duty.


Side cannon update

As suggested by legobuilderndh, I attached the side cannons (lance pieces) more sturdily. I put the lance in a 1x1 round plate with a hole in it. Then I put a cone on the end of the lance. It is much more sturdy now. Great idea legobuilderndh, thanks for the feedback.


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