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Mr. Freeze's Lair


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Welcome to the lair of Mr. Freeze!  In this icy cave, He has built the Cryostasis pod which keeps his dying wife alive.  He is holding the latest diamond he has stolen from a Gotham City jewelry shop.  Mr. Freeze plans to use the diamond to make more energy cells for his deadly freeze ray!  But not is the Dynamic Duo can help it!

Batman’s Batski is the perfect vehicle for any icy terrain.  Whether it’s snow, ice, or freezing-cold water, Batman can count on this trusty vehicle to get the job done!  It’s armed with twin flick missiles to combat enemies and a turbo-fan on the back to propel it over even the tallest hills.

Robin has a new suit specially designed for icy-cold water, the Hydro-Suit!  He also has his Hydro-Jet to propel him quickly through the water without having to sit in a cockpit!  It also has water-proof flick-missiles to bring down aquatic foes!

Mrs. Fries’ Cryostasis pod has a large control panel so Mr. Freeze can monitor her condition.  It gets its power from a generator on the lower floor.  The glass is also bullet-proof so no additional harm befalls her.

Underneath the pod is Mr. Freeze’s control room.  Inside there are many energy cells for his Freeze Ray and a computer screen to make sure no pesky Caped Crusaders come snooping about in his lair.

Mr. Freeze’s lair would make a really cool addition to the Lego Batman theme, and without you it won’t be able to happen.   So we’ve got one year to do it.  Spread the news in any way you can!

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