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Sapphire Turtle Train


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Hi Everyone,

Being LEGO Train one of my favourite themes I decided to add a little jewel to the line of LEGO's present train sets. I am totally amazed by the complex, realistic and sometimes huge MOCs designed by very talented LEGO fans, but I had to realize that for me LEGO is first of all a toy reminding me of my happy childhood spending a lot of time dedicated to LEGO. :)

You can see that Sapphire Turtle is a very compact engine and its size is a tribute to the old and nostalgic LEGO 7760 Diesel Shunter Train and also the little push along steam trains. Designing it was a very exciting challenge and I enjoyed every step and modification till it reached its final form.

During these modifications and re-designs I decided to motorize the little train. So now it is not only motorized and remote controlled but also equipped with front and rear lamps. To power these we need a battery so I designed a box car by keeping in mind the main concept: as compact and charming as possible. You will judge whether I managed to reach this goal :)

I hope you will like this little train set that might inspire you to build further tiny jewels.





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