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Brick's Sports Store


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With a good number of sporting minifigs being released in the collectibles series plus with the early 2000's sports theme it's about time for a sporting goods store.

In the main street windows lower is a soccer player, upper is a female tennis player.

On entering the front door of the store you can find tubes of tennis balls, tennis rackets, soccer balls and basketballs.

The usual computer terminal/register is near the entrance also.

Fancy advertising signs cap off the top of the building.

The far fight section has a cut away so it can lock into the side of the Lego Store from City Square set.

Only some customers are missing and maybe added later in updates, so too images of this in a layout and with the Lego Store next door.

Such a set might cost 80 dollars due to the larger number of windows though they do give the effect of a huge sporting goods store in the heart of a city.

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