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'70's Muscle Car

Hi guys, this is my second upload here. Thank you for so much support on the first! With this one I tried to be more detailed with the interior, and it went through several revisions before I arrived at this outcome. Suffice to say I'm very proud of where it is now. Though it's not based on anything in particular, being more of an amalgamation of different features of various cars of the era, I still took creative liberties and drew heavily from my imagination.

The cabin features room enough for 3 minifigures (in a 2 + 1 arrangement) with 2 freestanding front seats and a bench seat in the back. The driver's side features a steering wheel, speedometer, and pedals, as well as a gear stick that divides the front two seats. The trunk opens to reveal a small amount of boot space, enough for minifigure accessories.

If I find enough time, I may consider revisiting the model to add a hinge so that the hood too can be lifted to expose the engine.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this, I hope I can count on your support! It means so much to me, as this was a passion project of mine.

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