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Sick Bricks Skate Shop


“Sick Bricks Skate Shop” is officially open! Come on down to the coolest store in Lego city! Inside you will be amazed to see the awesome skateboards we have to offer and don’t forget about the helmets to. Safety first! If you want a job at “Sick Bricks Skate Shop” we have interviews starting Tuesday and maybe you can become the janitor but don’t worry we have supplies, you can use in our fresh and clean janitor’s closet. If you are just a customer, you can relax inside and enjoy the awesome graffiti on the wall and the super cool tile floor. If you want to test your skateboard or show off your rad tricks, just go out into the alleyway where there is a super cool secret half pipe made for the best skaters. But before you do all that be sure to check in at the front desk so that way you can have hours of Skateboarding fun! This set is 34 by 34 studs in log and wide. So of course, you can take a nice long walk around the building on our nice freshly paved sidewalk and see what you like, and you can also watch the skaters do their sick tricks on the halfpipe. So, come on down to “Sick Bricks Skate Shop” where the awesomeness never stops!

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