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If you want make any comments my ears are open !

So i was wondering what doesn't exist in lego that little boy and older boy like. I think about tools and create some.
Each tool is made with few bricks( around 30-40) so i think the price will be not very expensive for an entire toolbox !!! We can think about a gift for daddy's day maybe ...

But let me introduce the tool and the history of the making :

Here is my first one : a drill. I did it cause my son wants to help me when i do some handiwork.

Afterwards , as my son like it and play a lot with, i made some more.

Finally i was amused to hang on all this tool on the wall like real ones waiting to use it. It can be a great decoration in a MOC room : "I build a huge lego creation and i did it with my lego tools . "

I work on the drill and build one bigger.
As you can see on the image, when you push on the drill bit a red light illuminates as if there is some trouble with the drill rotor.( some sparks )

more pictures

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Thanks for viewing and supporting

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