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Christmas Elf's House 2


About This Project

This is my second Christmas elf's house that I have created. The roof opens/closes for easy access inside the home. Outside the house is lots of snow with a path leading to the front door, a snowman, a local penguin, and the house's owner. I put a couple stained glass windows on the front and a large one on the side of this house. The door opens/closes and so does the front window. This house has a gas stove for heating and cooking meals for him and his friends. Beside the stove is a small sink for cleaning up. Beside the sink is a Christmas tree. Across from the stove is a couch for resting. The second floor has a storage area for some completed presents and a stocking. The light fixture on the roof can be folded back and forth to make it easier to reach inside and not break it off.

Play Features:

  • Roof can open and close for easy access inside the house.
  • The light fixture folds out of the way to make it easier to reach inside.
  • Door opens/closes and so does the front window.
  • Stove can open and close.


  • One Christmas elf minifigure.
  • One snowman.
  • One penguin.
  • Some presents and a stocking.

I really like the colors that I chose for this house and I think it complements the first one that I created well. If you like it please support, share, and follow thank you for your time and support.

Thank you.

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