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Lego Train Station



Lego Train Station

I would like to present my new project, the lego train station. The inspiration for this project are the changes that take place in many Polish train stations. Which directly influenced the modern design and architecture of this set. Therefore, in the building of the station I used the transparent panels  that you can look inside and admire the green light.

The set includes :

-1461 lego bricks

- 4 straight track

- 8 minifigures

At the station we can find, among other things  like cash machine, ticket machine, place to rest in the form of numerous benches and four shops. On the ground floor we have a shop with newspapers and postcards as well as a small bakery with delicious pastries. The first floor we have a store with bags for travelers and souvenir shop, passengers are also available for a small terrace which can observe the trains through the transparent roof structure. The roof of the first floor and the entire first floor we can disconnect from the whole set which gives us better access while having fun.

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