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Queen Elizabeth II & the Gold State Coach

Update (2/18/2014): CUUSOO user MinifigsMe has created special minifigures of the Queen, one of her corgis, Prince William & Kate. As soon as I receive the minifigures, this project's descriptions and pictures will be updated. Stay tuned!

What is the Gold State Coach?:

The Gold State Coach is a beautiful carriage used by the British Monarch. It is ornate and covered in gold leaf, even on the wheels! Eight horses are needed to pull it because it weighs more than 4 tons. It was built in 1762 and has been used for every coronation ceremony since King George IV. To see the real carriage, check out this informative

Miniature versions have been made by Matchbox and various toy soldier manufacturers, including Britains. LegoLand Windsor even built a version to put in front of the Miniland model of Buckingham Palace!
Want to see the Gold State Coach become a real Lego set?:

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Information on the CUUSOO project:

This project depicts the coronation of Queen Elizabeth from 1953. It comes with eight horses and a three piece royal marching band. The brick-built base is for display but does not need to be in the finished product.

Each horse in this concept is decorated with bricks, but an actual set would ideally feature a special printed design. In this picture, you can see two of the four Tritons (also known as mermen or sea people).

This is the back of the carriage, highlighting the other two Tritons. They have angel wings and are armed with tridents.

The set comes with four minifigs: Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and a 3 piece Scots Guard royal marching band. Multiple sets could be purchased to increase the size of the band.
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