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Hero Factory Finale

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For years, I have been trying to understand why LEGO ended Bionicle with such a depressing year of sets. Instead of the grand Bionicles that we were expecting to come in a Grand Finale, we received three matoran sized Toa, and three equally small enemies. This led to a desperation that immediately made Hero Factory so popular.

Now, rumor has it that Hero Factory will be ending soon. And to save Hero Factory from the same doom that Bionicle received, I am here to give Hero Factory to actually make it to their predecessor's level.

One complaint I have noticed is that all of the Hero Factory characters since 2011 have the same basic design. They have the same frame, same limbs, and not enough complexity to their design. However, many people have made mocs that, on my opinion, surpass the sets sold in the market on so many levels. So, here we go.


After MacuHero City was attacked by the brain critters, people thought that they had all been defeated. But, not all of the brains attacked MacuHero. There were a few who remained to improve their abilities, to develop new skills and learn more about their host. And the longer a brain is attached to it's host, the more the two creatures are fused together.

Now, the creator of the brains, master mind behind the breakout, and the one who upgraded the Fire Lord, has come to continue his attack from the shadows. Who he is, and what he wants, will remain unknown till the end.

Here, we have one of the most powerful of the mutated creatures. The Quaza Eel was a territorial creature that fed on quaza. This caused them to be aggressive to Heroes. But otherwise they were peaceful creatures. Then a brain locked onto it's head, and mutated it's quaza abilities. Now, it has the ability to add it's victims to it's body by driving it's tail down the victims central control system. Over time, the victims begin changing, becoming a part of the creature, and growing quaza crystals on their bodies as a source of energy. The bodies of it's surface victims allow the creature the ability to breathe air, but it still prefers water. The brain has been latched onto the creature for so long that it can no longer be removed.
Greatest strength: Ability to use all it's victims mutated weapons.
Weakness: Unknown.

The Two Headed Scorpion, natural to this habitat, which makes it one of the another of the most dangerous mutants... but only when the heads are in an agreement. Only one head was attached to a brain, while the other remains free to think. However, the have a mental connection, which causes the heads to communicate to each other. While the tail is controlled by the brain head, the body is controlled by the other head, which makes the creature as much a threat to it's master as to the Heroes. But, with the brain entirely fused to his tail-head, is there any way he can recover his sanity.
Greatest Strength: Cooperation between the two heads allow for a dangerous pair. While the head contains a venomous bite, the tail-head fires energy blasts from it's mouth, which make it a dangerous foe.
Weakness: If you are able to convince the main head to turn on it's master, the creature will try to tear off it's tail head. Heroes will need to get it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

After mission Brain Attack, Hero Factory figured it would be wise to send out a hunter, who would track down any left over brains, if any. Crazy beyond understanding, most Heroes would rather not be near him when he finds a nest of brains. With a bolt-shot rifle, and six sharp boomerangs, Garth Hunter is the most notorious hero out there.
With him is his most trusted friend, Hound. An experimental hero, Hound is the first hero to be made in the form of a creature. With every characteristic of a wolf, as well as being fluent in the language of every known dog-like creature out there, Hound is a pet any adventurous hero would want. He is also the sane side of Hunter, actually thinking in intense situations. He has even kept Hunter from killing a few civilians in one mission.

Macu Prime is the son of Macuro. Macuro kept him secret from all others at hero factory for the one purpose, to provide the prime hero prototype. Believing Prime to be done, he has armed him with multiple weapons, including a spear, a katana, a dual blade weapon, a mini sword on his right shoulder, a throwing knife on his left, a dual barrel sniper, and a bully-shot pistol (dual barreled with blade on bottom). But does he have everything on his belt that he needs to win?

These sets will be posted later as separate sets.

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