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City Medical Center

Hello! Thank you for looking at my LEGO City Medical Center. This is my first project for Lego Ideas but I have been playing with Lego as an adult since my 2 boys were 3 and 5 years old. They are now 13 and 15, and occasionally build a new Star Wars or Creator set but now I'm the one who has the Lego all over the house! I have had an idea of building a hospital for many years but as I collected pieces over the past 3 years, my project evolved in to a medical center. I have tried to scale this to fit in the city modular creator buildings.

This medical center includes an Acute Care section with 2 beds supplied with everything the doctor will need from oxygen to IV fluids to an otoscope! In the rooms are 2 patients. One kids with his Teddy bear with tummy pain and another stunt man who probably has a few broken bones.  Once the patient checks in, they can wait in the waiting room that has four chairs and of course a fish tank and cute stars decorating the wall.  Depending on what service is needed, the patient will be called to one of the four suites, or if you are visiting, you can stop by the Cafe on the 4th floor or get flowers at the flowers shop on the 2nd. You can take the stairs or the working elevator.  (powered by the crank on the roof!)

On the second floor, you will find a physical therapy office fitted with parallel bars, stairs, and exercise bike. For the best rehab, there is also weights and barbells and a video camera so the patient can see how they are progressing! Next to PT is the doctor office of Dr Feelgood, a family medicine doc who has a complete office with height and sight charts, and lots of other tools to assess her patients.  

If you need a medication you will find the pharmacy on the 3rd floor along with Radiology. The radiology suite contains the CT scanner as well as an xray machine. A kid with a cast on his broken leg is getting an xray and his electric wheelchair is right next to him. The radiologist is looking at the xray to decide if he gets his cast off today!  Just in case nature calls while at the medical center, there is a restroom also located on the 3rd floor.

Up the stairs or elevator one floor, you can get to the cafe for a healthy drink or fresh baked pizza! In the cafe you will find a blender, bakery items, fruit, and pizza oven and lots of accessories. Eat by the fountain or tables with family or friends and enjoy the food, drink, and great view of Lego City!

  • the set is approximately 3100 pieces ( I will be taking the set apart and putting back together, this time counting each piece!)
  • set on a 32 by 32 plate
  • measures 38 cm high by 26 cm wide and 24 cm long
  • working elevator, stops at all 4 floors!
  • there are 15 minifigs, 1 crash cart, 1 electric wheelchair, 2 gurneys, teddy bear, several telephones and computers, bike, garbage cans, skeleton, soda machine (on 3rd floor), flowers and plants, and a lot of accessories

I think this would be a fantastic addition to the Lego family of Creator Modular Expert Series because there has never been a hospital or medical center and I think it is important to have a realistic addition to Lego City. Also, this set adds a little personal touch showing how we can care for each other and that some people have disabilities.  And in reality, we are all the same and need help from one another sometimes!

Thank you very much for looking, please leave feedback so I can make this even better!

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