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Cool Britannia Union Jack Lego Jewellery Box With Hidden Drawers and Secret Mechanisms


I have been a fan of Lego my whole life and it has been a great way for me to spend quality time with my 5 year old daughter. She is mad about engineering and also loves to collect small things and put them in boxes or packets. I want to encourage her engineering interest whilst giving her a gift she can treasure.

I decided to develop an idea for a jewellery box with hidden compartments I had made for my elder daughter some years ago so that both could have their own boxes. The original box is the only model I have made that has not been dismantled and is still in use. My daughter was fascinated by the magical appearance of the hidden drawer. It is indeed a very satisfying visual trick.

I hope you like this design which uses hidden puzzle box mechanisms and broken sight lines inspired by secret room door designs to make identifying and opening the secret compartment as tricky as possible (the scope for trickier designs is huge). I chose a wrap around Cool Britannia flag style to appeal to a wide audience and to look great in the home. The parts are mostly basic Lego blocks, so using them in building other models is unlimited. One change I would make would be to use smooth-topped pieces on the top as this looks great on the other box.

This design reminds me of Lego architecture builds in terms of taking small, basic parts to create a great looking model. It is also a dynamic and interactive, fun puzzle to solve. It is detailed enough to engage adults in helping with the build but accessible for a wide age range to build and use in their imaginative play. It is a fun toy for children to store precious items while impressing their friends or can be used as a dinner party conundrum for adults to try to solve! That's why I have not shown the mechanism here. I hope it will inspire Lego fans to come up with their own cool looking and tricky boxes.

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