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Blooming Bookstore


Welcome to the Blooming Bookstore, where you can read your favorite novels and breathe in the aroma of flowers. The ground floor features a fully stocked bookstore complete with bookshelves, checkout lane, spinning book rack, and a lounge chair. The second floor is the store owner’s apartment featuring a couch, big screen television, sink, dishwasher, fridge, and grandfather clock. Also, on the second floor is a bedroom with a dresser, side table with lamp, and a bed. Pull down the folding ladder to reach the attic which contains boxes, an old chair, a butter churner, a chest full of treasure, and a cobweb. Up top on the roof there is a trapdoor from which you enter the roof, a rooftop garden with lights, and 2 spinning attic ventilators. Work your way around back to find a trash can filled with old books, a central AC unit, a boarded-up window, and a window AC unit.

This building is compatible with the modular building series, and measures 11” tall and 10” wide. This building also contains 5 minifigures.

I made this building because I really like the modular building series and wanted to add my own creation to the line. I feel like this would make a great Lego set because the modular building series currently has no bookstore or library. The design and layout of the building are very similar to that of the modular buildings too.

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