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Tesla Coil


Hello Lego fans and thank you all for your attention.

I'm very excited for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy it. I present you one of the best known inventions of the '900, the tesla coil. Commonly called lightning generator.

Tesla was one of the most genial minds of the late ‘800, early '900. This machine (a biggest version) was used for the Colorado Spring experiments of 1899-1904 and was used for the study of power transmission without wires over great distances.

The model was built using a program for the pc called LDD then move on to the actual construction. The model represents a small coil with particulars and is made up of the base with the electronic details and the upper part where there is the working core of the set where lightning is generated.

The real coil is entirely made up of original and unmodified lego pieces.

Some construction details:

  • More than 800 pieces
  • 12.5 cm wide and 12.5 cm Size of depth
  • 35 cm height
  • More than 20 lego tubes
  • Baseplate 16x16
  • Rich in details

Perfect for a great gift idea and for all Lego Fans and Tesla Fan.

Comments, suggestions and questions are welcome.

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Have a good fun.

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