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America's Got Talent

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent Mini! We are your hosts Heidi, Howard, Mel B, and Howie and we welcome you to the mini AGT show you can recreate at home with this new LEGO Set! We hope you enjoy!

Features of the Build:

Judges Area
One singer

Why one singer and not the judges?

This stage is actually a slight bit too small for real minifigures. Usually, the stage is a lot bigger but was made mini in order to make the set a lot more cheap and affordable. I didn't include the judges because I will include them in another set.

What?! Another set???

For those people who want to go all out with AGT roleplay, I am make a real minifigure sized AGT stage with the judges included. If people want, I can include some of the most popular AGT auditions such as Courtney Hadwin or Kevin Dukes or Light Balance.

Why this should be a set:

AGT is a internationally famous show that anyone recognizes. That makes this more appealing, all the way to non-LEGO fans. This version is even better because the stage is small and perfect for roleplay. The actually set only takes about 500 pieces so it will be a lot cheaper than most sets on sale at a LEGO Store, making it a lot more feasible to buy for some people

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