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Sir David Frederick Attenborough Tribute

Coral reefs are among the most species-rich biomes on Earth. In the shallow, clear, salty water,
coral polyps measuring no more than a few millimeters build huge limestone skeletons for
centuries, which provide a living and breeding place for many other animal and plant species.
Coral reefs are also threatened by environmental pollution, collection and coral bleaching caused
in part by global warming.

In order to protect this unique wonder of nature, people need to be educated. They must be
introduced to nature and how human activity affects them. Sir David Frederick Attenborough, a
naturalist and documentary filmmaker, has done a great effort to make natural sciences widely

He made several documentaries and wrote books on the subject. In addition to countless awards,
his work was also recognized by the scientific world: dozens of animal and plant species were
named after him.

This set commemorates Sir David Frederick Attenborough and the coral reefs.

Number of parts: 220 pcs

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