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The Tech Startup

A young engineer has got a great idea and decides to see if it can become "The Next Big Thing!" At least, that's the story behind this project, The Tech Startup. I  wanted to  create a modular with  an ultra-modern vibe, and I thought that this was a perfect project for an ultra-modern building. It was built using 1005 pieces (excluding the minifigures) and contains four minifigures  - three  young engineers and one receptionist.
On the first floor, there is a reception area with a high-tech white and translucent blue color scheme. It has a reception desk (with a computer and a tablet for appointment requests and check-ins) and a waiting area with a bench. The wall behind the desk is decorated with a translucent blue wall sculpture - perfect  to  fit that high-tech vibe. In the back is a doorway with a digital lock-protected entrance that leads up to the office space on the upper floors. The second floor is the engineering space. The translucent blue-topped desk with the computer and other displays is solely for the use of the startup founder, while the big round table is to be used by the other engineers. The entire space is very laid-back, and there's even food scattered on the tables. It appears that the engineers must be in some sort of meeting,  since there's a tablet and a piece of paper on the desk. The big, comfy red chairs are also for employees. Many startups  tend to have rather casual workplace cultures, and I tried to channel this in my build. The third floor has the restroom and the only actual office in the whole building. The restroom is fully equipped with a toilet (with toilet paper sitting on top), a sink (mirror included!), and even a paper towel dispenser.  The office is for interviews only, and features a big, comfy chair for the interviewer and a plastic chair like the ones downstairs at the conference table for the interviewee.
As  for the three minifigures, the three on the left are intended to be the engineers. As mentioned, the startup has a very casual work environment for its engineers, and so all the engineers are dressed very casually. One is even eating pizza right at this very moment! The minifigure on the right is intended to be the receptionist. She is a bit more traditional in her ideas on workplace attire, and would rather dress a bit less casually for her job (although technically the startup doesn't have much of a dress code).
I hope you liked  this project! If you did, please support, comment,  and share. And if you're interested, my other projects can be found at this link.

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