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New Bus for London


Pre-weekend update

A quick update - more bricks arrived at the London Lego Bus "Legomaster" HQ this week - we have now an all-red lower band on the vehicle.  Here are some images of the amendments made. 

A longer update hopefully soon - thanks again to all those following and supporting.  Please keep spreading the word - every support is appreciated.


The week - press cuttings and fine details

A busy week here, with reaching the 200 supports milestone (thank you all!) and being in several publications, including Buses Magazine, Passenger Transport magazine and RouteOne magazine - you can view the RouteOne article online here.I'd like to thank those who have featured it so far.  If you would like to feature the bus in a publication or blog, please contact me via Twitter or Facebook - I am @DaddyDoink and @CreativeDoink

Buses Magazine and Passenger Transport magazine

One of the key points was the swoop up the stairs and the grey base.  They are now much more refined, as can be seen here:

Also, I'd like to show the destination boards.  There have been left black to show the opportunity for some white-on-black labels in the final pack.  Later, I'll produce some of my own stickers to make a route and destination - maybe 11 - Liverpool Street, as this is one of my own routes I use.

I hope these images show some of the details going into this - please add a comment to this if you want to see anything in particular focused on in a future update.


This week - the people of the Lego Routemaster London Bus

This week, I've looked at the people of the Lego Bus and how they fit in to this vehicle. As stated in the description, this bus has play-ability.  As well as being six studs wide (to fit in to scale with other Lego vehicles), the bus is designed to have minifigs added or removed at the will of the person using it.  So, I'd like to introduce you to my little minifig crew:

Whilst I would envisage up to five minifigs being included within the pack, the three different minifigs shown here are to illustrate the accessories that would be included.

Some pictures now showing how they would look seated in the vehicle:

Last of all, because it is Rememberance day today (written on 11/11/2016), a poppy has been adorned to the bus.  Have a great week and thanks for looking in at the bus


The Lego Routemaster (dubbed "Legomaster") visits Euro Bus Expo 2016

The Lego Routemaster has been on the road this week, visiting Birmingham for the Euro Bus Expo show.  The Lego bus paid a visit to quite a few welcoming stands, where it attracted the attention of many visitors just walking past!  

Joining in was a sister-built, the Lego Optare Solo, which can be seen in some of the photos.

Attached are some images of the bus out and about, including with one of the most famous vehicles from London, the original Routemaster '5 CLT', owned by Sir Peter Hendy.  All of the images can be found on the Facebook page.

The full size and clear image available in the press release, this is the Lego Bus with it's inspiration.

Legomaster with '5 CLT'

Legomaster on board a Reading Buses 'WrightBus Streetdeck'

A visit to Buses magazine

On a Reading Buses seat, the Optare Solo has joined the Legomaster Bus

A visit to Coach and Bus Week magazine

Hants and Dorset Trim (HDTrim), owned by the Go-Ahead group, said that the bus was liked by the younger Lego fan as well as the older.

RouteOne Magazine was another calling point for the Lego Bus

A visit to the UK Bus Awards, because you never know what prize could be won!


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