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GARAGE LIFE - Oldtimer VOLKSWAGEN "service and repair" workshop


VW workshop update.

A new equipment has right arrived in the Oldtimer VW Garage: the car lifter. Now it's easier to check the Vee Dub. 

Soon the T2 will be back fit.





"Garage Life" | Oldtimer Volkswagen workshop featured in Blocks # 11 - September 2015

Hello folks!

Blocks September issue features the complete story of my Volkswagen "love affair". You can discover why and when I decided to build the VW Garage, and the custom campers, and others interesting informations about these MOCs as well. I’m honored to be part of this September Blocks issue. Below the feature in the magazine "showcase". 

Blocks is now available online.

Don’t miss it!

All the best!


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