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Backyard Pool Party


  Everyone has had a backyard party or barbecue at least once, whether it had a pool or not. They always have good food, fun games, and great people. To make this into a lego set would bring it to life in a new way. Sure, you can't eat the food or talk to the minifigures, but legoes are used to make models of real life, and backyard pool parties (or barbecues) are one of the things that happen a lot in life. Also, some of the best lego sets are the ones that are models of real things, things that can be seen and imagined. Fictional sets are more difficult to imagine, while things like pools and parties are easy to imagine. My build of a pool party is more simple than other sets. It's just a nice backyard pool party.

  On how it is built, the pieces used are smooth to make it look nicer. Also, I would have used the actual lego basketball hoop, but it was just too big.

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