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Planetary Exploration Rover

I am very interested in space exploration and, at the same time, I enjoy very much building models based on spacecraft, real or imagined.

The vehicle shown here is similar to the Mars Curiosity rover, but the chasis is completely new. I know that an exploration rover is not a sports car, but I wanted to do it with style. At the same time, it was important for me to show that this vehicle is strong and fit for survival in extreme and alien situations. I found that a shape that reminded of an insect could transmit this idea very well. I also dared to add some color to the vehicle, and I chose red as an homage to Mars.

The main elements of the Mars Curiosity rover are present here: a "head" over a mast, a robotic arm, a high-gain and a low-gain antenna and a motor in the rear. I changed the way the robotic arm looks, and I also added a couple of extra wheels combining two different sizes. I used treads to help give the impression that it is an exploration rover just looking at the wheels.

It was also important to me to show that this is an all-terrain vehicle and that no rock is an obstacle for it. I have used some Technic elements to this effect in a very simple and, I hope, efficient way.

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