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Dexter, the forensics expert doubling as a... erm.. I mean Dexter, the boy genius from the great Cartoon Network series running around year 2000, Dexter's Laboratory.

Surprisingly, Dexter had very little presence in the Lego world. Only a few MOCs out there, but no "statue" (that I could find), so here's one. Brickified style, so some liberty had to be taken  with the hair that would normally look exactly the same from all angles in 2D. Other than that, the character, already short & compact, was lending himself well to this form (unlike Dee Dee!).
Not a too high part count, moderately easy to build, although there is a big lot of stud inversion, but the inside is open to simplification. Around 15cm tall.

While it has no purpose and only legs articulation, it could probably be turned into a pencil holder, or be more featured.

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