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Space Town

I love LEGO space but wanted to do something different, not just another ship or base. I've created a set of shops that are part of an asteroid field. The shops are modular and can be joined together in different ways, via a bridge or walkway. They can connect to a rest area via some stairs or be freestanding. Each has a similar basic design with arched entrance, external pipework and round window. Some of the colours are from space themes, others were chosen based on current colour availability for pieces.

The black and yellow shop, blacktron colours, is an equipment store and also has some space weapons (the heavy duty ones locked in a cabinet)

The sand green and tan shop, is full of alien artifacts, gems etc. Displayed on shelves and tables. Its decorated with shields and a large sculpture

The red and brown shop, reminiscent of the Spyrius colour scheme but with brown as an earth colour, is the plant store. I tried to use as many alien looking colours as were available for plant pieces. It has a large plant growing on the roof as well to advertise what's inside

There is a tan and red shop which is the clothing store. The design is modern. There are shelves with trousers and tops, racks of jet packs and helmets, a mannequin in the window and a rotating changing room in the corner.

Even aliens need to eat so they have a grocery store with alien food, red pumpkins, gold bananas, and green hot dogs, as well as drinks and packets of food.

Finally there is a medical center. White and blue, the scheme for many LEGO hospitals as well as Futuron. It has a reception desk, cupboard with medicines, racks of syringes and an alien skeleton. Behind the divider is a medical bed with displays and a scanner.

Each shop has an outside walkway that has a railing, teleport pad and connection points at the end to join them together.

The bridge is styled after the one featured in one of the LEGO Ninjago City sets but recoloured and has hover jets underneath.

The walkway is a simple arched glass one

There is a rest area for weary shoppers. It is accessed by a spiral staircase and at the top are some seats and a vending machine. The vending machine is from a Monkey Kid set that I wanted to incorporate into a MOC. The stairs feature a rainbow design. The rest area is supported by two tubes connecting to small asteroids

I am also planning a landing platform and toilet, aliens need to go too!

Any feedback would be welcome

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