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Coworking Space

Coworking space is a Lego Idea Project that make one metaphor with the new concept of Co-Work
There is a main build with three floors in this construction:
In the first floor, there is the table in the co-working space, and it is a place where the ideas gain form.
In the second floor is the chair set (the sofas) that can been used to have ideas in a co-working place. In this space, the conversations and the networking are very important phase of co-working creative process.
Finally, in the third floor the the stock or the things that have must been used in coworking space.
There is, too, a parking for bikes, flowers plants, and tree, benches and other scenography elements in this Lego Set Project.
This set is perfect to be used like a co-working space in Lego plays, and more, it is can be used like a business or a shop construction, as like it is.

This set project contain:
399 pieces of LEGO;
7 minifigures; 1 pet;
3 bicycles;
Many plates; tree, flowers, connectors, light pieces, outdoor and more others things.

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