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Dark Castle

The dark castle contains a witch with an area to make her brew and animals to do so.
Theres a prison with 2 kids.
A coffin for the dark lord to sleep in.
Theres lots of guardians and 2 skeleton horsemen and 2 skeleton horses.
Snake chimney. pot of gold, crystal ball to see the future in.
A dragon, who is the castles air guardian and the dark lords pet.
The castle folds into a square. a total of 1520 pcs.
The entrance is a 3D lion head, were the door is its mouth.
In the first picture. the STICK/AERIEL at the dragons hand is grey, it should be black, but for clear illustration i made it grey.

Seen from front and back as when folded into a closed square castle.

Cuffin at the top.
The witches brew area.

Crystal ball.
Prison with prisoners and the prison guardian.
The witches pet crocodile.

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