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Fortified Bridge (Castle)


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Fortified bridge (castle)

🧱 The river bridges served many purposes in the Middle Ages. Chapels and shops were commonly built on them, and many were fortified with towers and ramparts. Unfortunately, there are only a few remaining fortified bridges, these were destroyed due to urban expansion.

💡 I am a great fan of the medievel buildings, but there are a lot of superb castle ideas on this site and I didn't want to build another clone, so I tried to do something different, I hope you will like it!

🎨 I made this picture with Photoshop filters based on the Lego model. The printed elements are available in the Bricklink Studio.

My idea contains:

🏰 the bridge building (with enterior)
🛡️ the knight commander minifigure
⚔️ his 3 loyal soldiers
🎣 a local fisherman with a boat
🦆 7 animals. Can you find them?

⚙️ 2421 total piece + the minifigures

✉️ Thank you for checking out my project!

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