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Handy Garden

I welcome you warmly!
Today with a great joy I present to you my next product idea. It's a handy garden.

Inspiration for this project was my project from "Me, myself and I" challenge. I wanted to make something that shows nature in the small scale. That's why it's "handy". Because you can place it in anywhere you like.

About build:

My project is partly modular: It has one main stand and two attached (which are: a wall for tools and a chest for fertilizers). Also plants can be easily removed from the base and changed places.
The base contains: a large stone fence, ivy and some wild flowers. There is also a fountain which is connected to a flower pot. My project also has a big lawn mower that can be driven and mow the grass.
There are five "big" plants which are: a bamboo plant, a cherry tree, a lemon tree, a sunflower, a vase with flowers; 2 smaller pots with flowers and 3 garden gnomes.

If you love plants and LEGO, this project is something perfect for you!

Why would this be a perfect LEGO set?
Because it is small, so it can be put on almost every shelf, it's fully playable and modular, so even if you have two of them, these can be completely different.

Project parameters:
Length: 28 cm (11 in).
Width: 30 cm (12 in).
Height: 9 cm (3,5 in).
Number of bricks: 841.

I hope that you will like it.
Bye! ;)

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