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LoTR Chess


This is my project for LEGO Lord Of The Rings chess! This includes 32 minifigs, and an 8x8 LEGO Chess board that I made, with 4x4 sqaures. Now, let me tell you which one is which. Gandalf is the rook, Pippin is the knight, Merry is the bishop, Sam is the queen(I don't know why either) Frodo is the king and the pawns are all elf warriors.

As for the bad guys, Saruman is the rook, an orc chieftain with a bow for the knight, an orc chieftain with a sword is the bishop, the ringwraith is the king, the other type of orc(I'm completely clueless) is the queen, and the pawns are orc soldiers. They aren't that well thought out, but you can still figure out which one is which without much difficulty. That's the set, I hope you now think it would make a good real LEGO set by clicking that support button.

-I keep changing my name so I'm not gonna put one here

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