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Hotel Transylvania

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to get back to you with my new idea!

Today, I'm going to present to you the iconic "Hotel Transylvania" set. I have been working so long on this to create the details that make all the work completed. I decided to make both exterior and interior maximum similar as in the cartoon.

I've divided this huge set on 4 main scenes: Main entrance and hall, Dracula's room, Mavis's room and Quasimodo's kitchen.

- This set consists of 2993 pieces (including customized 11 minifigures and 1 customized Blobby figure).
- Two customized stickers for vertical red flags

- Dracula
- Mavis
- Jonathan
- Murray the Mummy
- Frankenstein
- Blobby
- Wayne
- Quasimodo
- Skeleton
- Suit of Armor
- Zombie Bellhop
- Zombie Receptionist
- Esmeralda The Rat

Hope you'll like this set and help me with your supports. Thank you very much for your attention!

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