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Santa's vacation hut



The winter months may be behind us, but they are sure to come again. For that occasion I made this little set in LDD. Support it and let's get it in stores for next winter!

Santa's vacation hut is a small hut perfect for Santa to rest after a long night of delivering presents to children around the world! The set comes with Santa minifig, some animals and a lot of features that give this set quite an amount of play value!

About the set

Star of the show is obviously the Santa's hut. It's a small, wooden, simple hut that has a fireplace and a big old armchair where Santa can relax while drinking his favorite cup of tee, or some other beverage. On the outside there are some logs that can be used to keep the flame in the fireplace burning, and an axe if Santa wishes to chop some smaller parts to start the fire. On the right is a small window, and on the left there is a deer feeder. There is also a solitary owl on the rooftop of the deer feeder.

Inside of the hutThe inside of the hut


Deer feeder

The deer feeder with some food inside.

Open windowWindow opened

Opened doorsHut with the doors opened

The set also features a small terrain detail. It's a small frozen stream with some visible flowing water. Enough for our Santa and small deer to get to some water.

Frozen stream

Santa getting some water from the stream

Included figures are Santa, a brown baby deer and an owl. Set also comes with a number of accessories, including a pot, a mug, an axe and a pike that Santa can use to tend the fire in the fireplace or break some ice off of the stream.Figures and accesories

All figures and accessories 



If you were thinking: "Well this is just a stationary house, you can't do much with it." boy you were wrong. Let me present you what a person who get's to buy this set can do with it. Apart from the already shown opening windows and doors, there is much more hidden in this set!

Let's start off with the fireplace. At first it might seem like your average fireplace, but not here! The bottom of the fireplace together with the fire and embers can be pulled out. This way you can simulating a unlit fireplace.

FireplaceFireplace functionality

Santa tending fireSanta tending the fire while water is being heated on the stove

Next on the list is the stove. Though it might look like a static piece, the stove also has a functional part. If you remove the top of it and rotate it, you can simulate a heated stove!Stove

Transforming stove

Last but not least, it is the big armchair that Santa can sit on and take a rest. It can even be tilted a bit for a more comfortable nap!

Santa enjoyingSanta enjoying his comfy armchair

armchairSmall tilting action


That sums it up. I hope you like this set, and if you do, please support. I'll probably check to see if everything is fine(LDD can sometimes allow bricks to overlap, so I'll have to check for those kind of mistakes) and if there is a fix needed I'll put it up in the update.

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