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Castle In The Forest

Imagine this: You are a traveller, wandering through a forest; a forest you've never been to or seen before. As you are navigating through the tall, clustered fir trees, you catch a glimpse of something through the spiky leaves.
You push the leaves out of your way, and are rewarded with a tan coloured wall. Old, and made from cracking stone bricks, it is probably quite old. Your eyes wander up the wall, and spot some glassless windows, as well as two ripped blue flags hanging beside them. Battlements run along the top of that wall, which makes you think that it must have been constructed long ago.
You discover that the walls join to form a castle of sorts, with a tall tower positioned at the front. The tower features colourful stained-glass windows, which are mostly still intact. It is topped with another blue flag, the same colour as the others hanging off the wall.
This castle, long forgotten and abandoned over the years, still stands in that forest. Once grand and majestic, bustling with life, now lonely, dark and lost. It has become part of the scenery that surrounds it.

I hope that you enjoyed my little story! (It is kind of generic, I know, but thanks for reading it if you did).

This is my LEGO Ideas project idea called, "Castle In The Forest", a little microscale build that lives up to its name. The castle is supposed to look medieval, with tan coloured bricks, small little windows and a tower at the front. I even added narrow, stained-glass windows at the front of the tower, as well as a flag on top.

There is a little river coming from the back of the castle, and falling off the baseplate that it sits upon. I have also littered fir trees around the space at the back of the castle, to add some green to the blandness of it.

Piece count: 493
Dimensions: 16 x 18 studs

I hope that you like the look of this project idea, and if you do, please support it! I am grateful for every bit of support I can get.
Thanks for checking this project out, and please share it if you can!

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