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1997 Honda Accord Wagon

THIS (DeMuro style) is a 1997 Honda Acoord Wagon. I’ve always liked Mk5 Honda Accords, especially wagons since you don’t see them that often. This particular build originally came from the YouTuber NickKnacks, who built a sedan version. I built it as well as I could, while also improving on some trouble spots it had. After I was fully done, I decided to try my hand by customizing it to make it a wagon. The model features functioning door and hatch (no hood, sadly, though thankfully it’s not an impressive motor to begin with). It does allow mini figures to be seated in the front seats, and in the central seat in the back. I think the finished product looks stellar, and I hope you do too. I don’t really mind if this becomes a set or not, I just wanted to see what the LEGO Ideas community was like. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section, and thanks for your time. 
Just a disclaimer, I did get permission from NickKnacks himself before I put this MOC up, wouldn’t want to steal any ideas!  

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