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Adventure Baby Squad


Adventure Baby Squad is an elite team of babies that are ready to charge into the world and help at a moment’s notice! They are fully equipped with big hearts, small rides, and an expanding headquarters. With their tiny pocket-sized rides, the fun doesn't have to stay at home - bring one with you on away missions, in the car, or out on the town.

See the Adventure Baby Squad in action in their epic rescue mission!

Meet the Squad
Known only by the colors they wear the team is comprised of:
  • Violet (Team Leader) drives the Confetti Launcher - Shirt design: Dinosaur
  • Pink (Reconnaissance) flies the Sci-Fi Spaceship - Shirt design: Butterfly
  • Yellow (Mechanic) flies the Space Shuttle - Shirt design: Duck
  • Green (Chef) drives the Tricycle - Shirt design: Turtle
  • Blue (Tech) flies the Prop Plane - Shirt design: Elephant
  • Teal (Secret Agent) pilots the Submarine - Shirt design: Dolphin

The Vehicles and Robot
The babies all drive their own different craft which give them command of the land, sea, sky, and space! In certain tricky situations, the vehicles can be linked together to form a robot with a multitude of configurations. With multiple options for the head, arms, and the option for a jet pack, wings, or both, the robot can be tailored to your liking.

The headquarters build is a bit more complex than it may seem. The front sections slide out to reveal the lido deck -a hidden pool that connects underground to a local river system and used for the submarine dock. The plank in the back center can then slide out over the pool to create a platform for the robot to be displayed, maintained, or modified by the squad.
Other features include:

  • Parking for all vehicles - trike and plane can be hung up on the side supports
  • Conference Room - complete with custom modern art and blueprints
  • Kitchenette - stocked with fridge, stove, sink, and plenty of extra bottles
  • Mechanic's Bay - with tools and essentials
  • Command Center - features a sophisticated computer and communications desk
  • Fold down ramp in the back
  • Two landing pads
  • Storage slips for the robots arm extensions
  • Compact design for shelf space or expansion for display!

The proposed Idea set would include everything you need to go on adventures of your own:

  • 6 Babies in 6 colors with prints on each
  • 6 Pocket-sized vehicles ready for land, air, and sea
  • 1 Headquarters main build with slide outs and all the amenities a team could want
  • Ability to create a multi-configurable robot!
  • Custom tiles with modern art and blueprints
  • 4 colored arm extenders for the robot
  • Excitement and a glorious sense of Adventure!

With your Support, the Baby Squad can join you on your next Adventure!

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