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Fully Functional Remote Control Train


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My model is a remote control locomotive that has a loadable fire box and fillable boiler. The fire box can be filled with "coal" ,and the can be emptied by taking the boiler off. Then you can put "water" in the boiler by removing one of the pieces on top, and lowering the ramp on the water tower. The tower has a gravity fed system to make the pieces go into the boiler. You can control the direction and brake of the train by using the lever in the cabin. The train uses a power functions brick battery box, a m-motor, a switch, and an ir-receiver. The train could easily be built with powered up the only thing that would be different is that you would not be able to put the working lever in the cabin. I built this train because I really like trains, and I like to try to build models with lots of different mechanisms and compartments. I think this would be a great lego set because of the playability of the model.

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