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They're small
They're different
They're Lil'FIGS

This project would make a great addition to the Lego line as either a supplement to existing products or as a stand alone item which can be sold individually or as a set of characters.

Design System:
• Each figure has an average of 31 pieces
• Each figure consists of 3 parts: Legs, torso, head
• Placement of the eyes in relation to the bottom of the head is the same on every figure, regardless of design.
• Character with robes or dresses all receive the same body treatment
• Character with hats, masks or helmets all have tiles for the top layer of their head
• Characters with hair have either exposed plates or a combination of exposed plates and “cheese” slopes

• Average: 2 1/8" H x 1 1/4 W" x 1 1/4" D
Height will vary depending on hair, helmet or character type (yoda and R2D2 would be shorter)

• Figures are all made with existing parts
• Figures are all made with existing colors
• Figures can utilize existing display containers and display bases
• Character designs are based on current licenses
• Minfigure accessories like capes, lightsabers, etc. can be used
• The quantity of characters already designed is 35 and counting

Even though these figures are made with few parts and colors the possibilities are endless. Licensed characters are not the only designs can be made into figures. Almost any person, character or monster can be made in the Lil'FIG format.

Possible Selling Formats:
• Sold individually in poly bags – SRP $4.99 ea.
• Sold as “character sets” Example: Star Wars, Super Heroes, etc. – SRP $19.99 to $39.99 (number of characters per set will vary price)
• Booster packs of parts – to supplement your collection or allow you to build your own custom creations. These booster packs can also include a suggestion booklet for character building to get the creative juices flowing. – SPR $9.99 - $14.99

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