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Italian Pizzeria


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This is an Italian style pizzeria on the seaside. It would be a great LEGO set, because it's modular, playable and it has many details and minifigures. The set consist of a building with two floors, a garage and the beach. The set contains even an Apecar, a typical Italian motor vehicle.

→ With 10.000 supports this can become a real Lego set, so, if you like this project and you want to see this set in Lego markets, press the blue "support" button and be sure to tell your friends to support too :) ←

These parts of the building can be detached:
This is the layout of the floors:
The ground floor contains:
  • A little veranda in front of the entrance with two small tables;
  • A garage for Ape Car and Vespa;
  • An entrance with reception, counter, stairs and an access to the beach;
  • A kitchen;
  • The beach and the seaside.
The kitchen contains a wood oven (with a hole to insert wood), some tables and a fridge. On the beach there are beach umbrellas, deckchairs and the lifeguard station.
The second floor contains:
  • The dining room, with three large tables;
  • Two toilets.
The roof can be opened: there's a little attic that contains some little animals and old stuff, like newspapers or pizza boxes. The sign of the restaurant, a giant pizza slice, can be rotated.

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