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Falconhurst Treehouse


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I've dreamed of building the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse ever since I first saw the movie as a kid.

Now, in Lego, I have!

Here it is: the most iconic treehouse of all time!

Support this project and you can have your very own Falconhurst Treehouse.

Designing this set was an awesome challenge. My first attempt completely fell apart. Three months later, after redesigning everything, I was done with a solid model. You might think that this set will break apart, but the building techniques used, invisible in the finished model, make it extremely strong, even to the end of every  branch. Technic pieces connect the green base to the inside of the tree and into the floor of the main treehouse. From top to bottom this set is solid. There has never been a Lego set anything like this so support it and make it a reality!

The treehouse has lots of great functions. The stairs fold up, just like in the movie. There is a trap door you can open and close in the floor of the main treehouse; the roof of each treehouse comes off easily so you can play inside each hut; the right treehouse opens in the front so you can set things up without taking off the roof. And there are lots of great details, like the bunk bed, ships steering wheel, shelves with books and trinkets, a small organ and so much more.

It comes with six minifigures, two dogs, and two monkeys. The minifigures are Mr and Mrs Robinson, Fritz, Ernst, Roberta or "Bertie" and Francis.

It consists of about 2,730 pieces and most are really small, but with the use of parts that currently don't come in the colors needed for the treehouse (mostly reddish brown and dark brown) this count could easily be reduced. It is an impressive set that fits nicely on the corner of my desk.

Thanks Bruce for the help with the photos.

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