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Harry Potter Chess


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"Yes, Hermione, I think this is going to be exactly like Wizard's Chess."- Ron Weasley

How could anyone forget this classic scene?  The chess game has to be, at least, one of the top ten greatest scenes of all the Harry Potter movies combined.

Also, the Harry Potter theme must be revived, so this would be the perfect opportunity for LEGO to start it up again.

One black rook and bishop have been replaced with Hermione and Harry's minifigures and Ron is riding atop the classic riderless knight. 

The chess pieces' builds mix bricks and minifigure elements together to form sturdy, realistic pieces that are accurate to the movie.  The bishop even has two of his fingers up to give the "peace" gesture!

The bottom of the board is reinforced at several points to ensure that the plates holding it up do not bend during a chess match.  Also, the board is covered in studs so that the pieces don't tip over very easily.

On either side of the board there are torches to light up the match!

The minifigure display stand has room for Harry with a dark brown wand, and Ron and Hermione both with light brown wands.  The curved plate on the front of the stand is printed with the original yellow Harry Potter logo.

The total piece count (including minifigures) is 1706.

Hopefully, with enough support from fellow users, and approval from the LEGO Ideas staff, this chess set will be available for purchase soon!


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