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Donut Shop

Inspired by one of the things I like to eat the most, the Donuts, and in all Donuts stores around the globe, whether they are large fast-food chains or just a small store, which in my opinion are the ones that have the best Donuts. I created this project because every good city, must have a Donuts store (LOL), and just like a real city, every LEGO city also deserves a good Donuts store, with a good variety of flavors and with good coffee, because in the end, a coffee and a donut are a great meal (LOL).
In this LEGO Donut shop, it has everything a good store needs, indoor tables for customers to sit with friends and family to have a good coffee and eat some Donuts, a parking lot for the comfort of customers, a Drive-Thru for when you are late for work, and finally a big Donut on the ceiling so everyone in town can see the Donut shop location from far far away.
In addition, this modular Donut store has an unusual design, with 2297 pieces and some pieces being printed or with stickers, to give more reality to the store, as well as the large Donut on the ceiling, the menus on the facade, and internal walls, and some other signs. In addition, the project has some new shades of bricks and 6 unique Minifigures, the store clerk, some employee who stops by every day for a coffee before work, a police officer (I don't even need to explain why this Minifigure, LOL), a student, a woman who just got out of the gym, but want to stop by the donut shop to catch up on lost calories, and last but not least, a regular consumer.
If you liked my idea/project, and you think this would be a really cool set to have then support my project, support is free. “Just press support”.

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