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Modular Victorian Public Toilet


I present to you a possible Lego Ideas first, a modular toilet!

During a period of rearranging my modular buildings I found myself with a space that only an 8 wide modular would fit. Having limited time, I came up with a Victorian Toilet. These are a very common site on the streets of the UK as many were built during Queen Victoria’s reign. In fact, one is infamously used in a Harry Potter movie to gain access to the Ministry of Magic.

This small modular only uses somewhere in the region of 430 pieces. I believe its small size and quirky nature, would make it a brilliant additional modular build to release before Christmas when we are all awaiting the next modular release in the next year. With a price tag of around £30-£35 pounds I feel it would a welcome addition to any modular Lego city.

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