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Artist's Mannequin


A classic visualisation aid now recreated in LEGO.

Based on the traditional wooden figure, this fully jointed model will help artists in developing their skills in sketching human body proportions and lighting effects. Proportinally, the figure is 7 "heads" tall and is posable in a number of ways to allow the artist to position it howerver they choose for their new masterpiece.

Being made out of LEGO, there are also many ways in which the figure can be customised, such as adding clothes or adjusting the body shape. The model can potentially also be used as a skeleton for large humanoid LEGO creations or even mecha builds.

This model comes with both vertical and horisontal 1x1 clips in order to have the mannequin hands in both orientations, as well as a shorter stomach plate for better waist articulation.

The mannequin is 24cm (9.4in) tall and contains 238 bricks including spare hands and stomach. 

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