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This is our first modular. Be patient and forgive us for our terrible english! 

As can be seen from the signboard in the shape of musical note and from the sidewalk recalling the piano keyboard, the building is dedicated to the music. 

The building is spread over four floors. The predominant color is red that recalls the american constructions. 

On the ground floor there is a shop of musical instruments. The colors of the tiled floor recall the colors of the piano keyboard. We have recreated an upright piano and a drums. On the walls, various music instruments such as electric guitars, maracas, a radio and records hanging on the walls. 

On the left side, there is the cash for purchases. And since we all know that musical instruments cost so much, outside of the building was also recreated an ATM.

It 'also a service port, for the emergency. 

By staircase we go to the administrative office. The brightness is ensured by a large window near the front door, where you can see the front desk. Guests can wait the beginning of their lesson sitting on a sofa, take a glass of water from the dispenser, or admire the awards won by singers who have studied there. 

A staircase leads to the second floor, where there is a recording studio, a room occupied by the audio mixer with its technical and a recording studio. 

Another internal staircase leads to the third floor, where there is a large grand piano, currently occupied by a pianist puzzled by the performance of a student who also shocks the old singing teacher.

Thanks for your support.

Includes 8 Minifigures:


Shop assistant

Sound Technical

Two Singers

Sax Player

Music Teacher


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