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Mountain of the Samurai

This story starts with a single Samurai who retreats into the mountains where he will meet his fate, after failing his Daimyo. Each morning and each night of every day he eats the plants and drinks from the stream of the mountain. Each day he waited to return and prayed to the Shinto gods for their blessing. Yet, he loves his peaceful life hear and will return to this beautiful place many times after being accepted back into society. 

I built this as there is a lack of traditional Asian architecture being represented in lego. I think it is important to represent this amazing history, culture, and style in Lego. Lego is a good way to connect to younger generations in an immersive and friendly way. This is important as many ancient cultures and traditions are being replaced in favour of modernised life and therefore could help teach the next generation about things that they may not ever get to see in a fun and creative way.

I hope you like it and that it has earnt your support. Thanks. :) 

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