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Streamer Studio

I built a streamer studio in LEGO with :
A streamer
A fancy gaming chair
A green screen
Shelves containing geek stuff
A gaming PC with two screens
Microphone + stand
2 cameras
A ring light
A sound card
Two cats

I built it so it has a tiny world vibe and can be part of a streaming set :)

Built on a Twitch live with the help of my community !!
Built using Studio 2.2.8 software, 363 LEGO pieces in total.

I used a screenshot of the great Eastshade game from Eastshade Studios for the gaming screen and a screenshot of Streamlabs software for the streaming screen.
Screen plates, ring light and a 1x1 tile inside the computer tower glow in the dark !!

This creation is inspired by a real life streamer (me) at her cats (our cats).

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