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Semi-Functional Camera

If you are wondering what this is, it is a Lego Camera that is semi-functional. I say this because it isn't electronic and can't take any pictures. Instead, you can press the buttons for fun and have a pretty clear view from the lens to the screen at the back. This model has 240 pieces and uses existing Lego parts. I designed it on LDD if you are wondering. The camera has a functional button, attached to a spring. I also added some internal details to make the model interesting not just on the outside, but also the inside. I think with a bit more time, I can include a strap made entirely out of Lego.

The reason why I chose to build this is because I found it interesting for lego ideas to produce more items in real life (like the Piano and the pretty recently approved typewriter). This camera can be part of the series and I think a decent amount of people will be interested in this. 

Please support this model and I hope you have a great day!

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