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Radio-Controlled Flip Over Stunt Car

No matter what obstacle you run over, this car can always continue driving.

In short
Drive the way you want: regular or upside down
Two operating modes: high torque outdoor or high speed stunts
Sturdy design: to handle back flips

- dual car design: black and red
- flip over and continue driving
- motorized steering
- RC controlled with IR remote
- two speed manual gearbox
- high torque outdoor mode and high speed stunt mode
- robust design to handle large jumps
- rotating headlights
- hatches to inspect the gearbox

The flip over design, together with an outdoor and stunt mode make for a highly playable set. Moreover it features a few interesting build techniques (e.g. powered two speed drivetrain) which makes this a challenging (and fun!) build. So this set is ideal for both players and builders!

I've chosen to design this set, because it's unique flip over design makes it stand out all other official Lego sets. Also, the powered two speed drivetrain would also be a first in the Lego Technic lineup.

This was quite a challenging build for me, so I hope you like this idea.

I you like this, please do support me!

And don't forget to spread this idea, only with your help, we can make this into an official Lego set! 🤞

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