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ThreeSixty Storm XT-004 Nova-CAE/CV


The XT-004 Nova-CAE/CV (Canine All-Terrain Exploration/Combat Vehicle) is a multipurpose walker designed by the upstart vehicle company ThreeSixty Storm. This vehicle is capable of crossing the most rugged terrain with ease, as well as responding to hostile situations and functioning as a lightweight, nimble tactical assault walker. It is crewed by a pair or trio of specially trained Husky dogs, recruited for exceptional skills and quick responses to many situations. The walker is armed with four Viper-11 plasma cannons and two VorteX R-grade rocket launchers mounted to the upper turret, as well as a spotlight. A winch is equipped on the rear of the walker, allowing for recovery or towing of other vehicles. The crew boards by means of a ladder accessing the hinged nose, and a small hatch on the roof permits access to the turret.

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