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The AstroSleigh


What’s this? I don’t know, but I called this project "The AstroSleigh" :-)

I usually design directly with LDD to have maximum possibilities than what my brick collection usually gives me, but this time I made this with bricks coming from 3 different small sets, as I wanted to create something starting from what I had at that moment. What came out is this kind of "space sleigh"; it’s a kind of space vehicle thought to be a very fast sleigh on some iced planet, something like Ice Planet Series from the early 2000’s.

As I said, I built it with the bricks I had at the moment and then re-built it with LDD and change its colours. 

The special feature is my original '80s Space Minifig!


Hope you like it and support it even if it’s like a kind of experiment.

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