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Alex Trebek BrickHeadz


Among the turmoil of 2020 we unfortunately lost one of our most beloved TV show hosts Alex Trebek. As a lifelong Jeopardy lover, I thought it would be nice to honor him with his very own LEGO Brickheadz set, something that I believe would have brought a smile to his face. 

This build contains 103 pieces which is around the average number of pieces for a brickheadz set. The set conforms to traditional brickheadz anatomy but Alex’s personality really shines through with his latest iconic hair style, his snazzy blue suit, and particularly his meaningful purple tie.

This set would help memorialize Alex within the LEGO community where I know he has countless lifelong fans who would love to honor his memory and share their appreciation for him with future generations through LEGO.

With his Jeopardy clue always and forever in hand, this set would be a great addition to any room for both Jeopardy and LEGO lovers alike seeking to honor the memory of the beloved late host. 

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